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I am an aerialist based in North Hampshire, competing and performing around the UK. I'm happy to travel in order to bring the circus to your event - whether it's a birthday, wedding, corporate event, or anything else you can think of, some aerial acrobatics can add a touch of magic! I'm also available for photographic projects. Please send a message via the contact page to discuss your ideas/requirements.

I have a fully mobile set up for the following equipment, which can be set up for use both indoors and outdoors (weather and height clearance permitting):

- Aerial Hoop/Lyra (black, purple)

- Aerial Moon Lyra (white)
- Aerial Heart Lyra (red)

- Lollipop Lyra (black)

The standard aerial hoop/lyra can be re-taped a different colour (at additional cost).

I can also rig from your own equipment - please ensure that it is load tested for aerial 
acrobatics and confirm the height and Working Load Limit.

Additional skills: ballet, modern dance, figure skating, roller skating. I can offer aerial silks, aerial chains, aerial rope and freestanding pole for photographic projects, but do not currently perform on these apparatus at events.




Aerial Competitions

2022 - UK Aerial Performance Championship - Oxford Regional Amateur Lyra Winner

2022 - UK Amateur Aerial Performer - Grand Finalist (Intermediate Hoop)

2022 - International Pole and Aerial Tournament - 3rd Place Intermediate Hoop; Best Costume

2023 - UK Aerial Performance Championship - Oxford Regional Amateur Lyra Winner

2023 All Aerial Authentics: 2nd place in Student Hoop

2023 South Coast Aerial Tournament - 2nd place in Adult Advanced Hoop

2023 South Coast Aerial Tournament - 1st place in Adult Intermediate Open (Moon Lyra)

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